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Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue Latest News

RainbowPrint sponsor Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue.  Here's their latest statement, they desperately need help.

First of all, I would like to say from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Thank you to all who have so far showed their support both in funding this charity, but to those who have also said some wonderful kind and supportive words. Thank you. I do find that It’s all too easy for people these days to say ‘Thank yous’ or ‘sorry’ without any meaning behind it. But please understand this, you are helping us save lives. You are helping us provide the necessary service, that our delicate wildlife so rightfully deserves.

IF OWR were to disappear tomorrow, thousands of lives would perish. There isn’t anywhere else for these animals to go. Wildlife centres that are even nearby are constantly becoming full and their resources are stretched and tested to their very maximum. We know this because we work with many of them, communicating with them to link up species and help patients get the very best care and attention. It’s vital that we work together, the natural world is far too big for anyone to tackle alone.

I thought I would set out and lay our cards on the table. To try and explain and share our image we have here in what we wish for OWR to become. Its very well me asking for donations and asking for help, but I do feel that I should at least explain as to why and what we want to achieve , so that ultimately, we can help sick and injured wild animals and give them and the public a service they can depend on.

Like I said in my previous post. Over the last couple of years, this charity has indeed become busier and more depended upon by many. Not just members of the public. But also existing organisations such as the RSPCA, veterinary practices, Vets themselves, the Police, The ambulance, wildlife groups and more. There is no longer a day where our ambulance doesn’t cover 150 miles. Our outreach stretches a huge radius of 50 minutes from our base here in Blewbury. A few years ago, my wife and I took in a handful of patients every year, in a shed, in our back garden. Its in these early times, that we quickly established the motto that still carries through to today “EVERY – PATIENT – MATTERS”

If an injured mouse needs an x-ray ... so be it. If a badger requires extensive dentistry work... so be it. No matter the species, I believe they have a given right to at least be given a chance

OWR represents an organisation that wants to better itself, for both the public and wildlife. We wish to build Oxfordshire’s first and only wildlife veterinary hospital. A place where any sick, injured or orphaned wild animal can be taken, treated and given the best care and facilities this county has ever seen. Vets working within the hospital, both student vets and already qualified vets working together, learning and developing strategies. Teaching students, so that they can go off and take their knowledge and spread the experience to others. Data collection facilities, allowing us as an organisation to give the public the truth, the facts regarding the real condition of our wildlife. But to also build better the knowledge of these animals and in turn, share it with others.

Medical equipment, allowing an animal to be seen immediately, x-rayed within moments of arriving, therefore being given thee best chances. Rehabilitation facilities, allowing wild animals to have the peace, quiet and safety to encourage faster and more efficient recovery times, which in turn, means we can set them free to live their lives sooner.

Its not just that we want this to happen.. We need it to. Our wildlife is so important, many people seem to try and detach themselves from nature. FORGET IT... We need wildlife in order to simply breath the very oxygen found here on planet earth… and right now they are suffering.

We have done this. We have destroyed their homes. We owe them a service. And OWR wants to give it to them.

Our vision of a wildlife hospital, I’m sure isn’t too far away. We are trying our best to reach the right people and make this happen. But. We do need the public’s help. Your £1 a month helps support that charity. It allows us to pay the bills, the rent, the fuel costs etc.

My last post wasn’t to try and scare you. But to inform you. The truth is OWR needs you, it needs the public’s help to build our future and to stabilize the service we already have.

If you can spare just the price of a coffee, once a month. It will help us.

If just a 3rd of our following gave just £1 a month, our work and its service would simply flourish.

That’s why I started the £1 for wildlife. £1 can and will make a difference, if you can afford more then that’s brilliant and we really do appreciate it!

That’s my vision, there it is for all to see. Some may call it a dream, but I don’t look at it that way. I look at it as the rightful thing that needs to happen. I pledge to each and every one of you here now, my life’s ambition is for the future of our wildlife. I am fully committed to giving my time, my energy, to them. But.. I do need your help in order to help them

Kindest regards,

Luke Waclawek

Founder of Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue.

Please do consider setting up a monthly contribution to our work, every £ matters and we are entirely grateful for any support we receive. We really need your help, so that we can help them

£1 for wildlife. £1 for life.